Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Childhood Memory

When i was a kid, my brother rented Resident Evil 2 for the Playstation and I watched him play it for an entire day. That night I had nonstop nightmares of me being devoured by zombies. It was so frequent that after a while, I started becoming aware that I was in a dream so i let the zombies eat me. And whenever I was killed, just like the video game, I would see myself from a bird's eye view with the words, "You Died." For a while I was always scared of a zombie holocaust. Then after a while I started to listen to The Misfits as well as read The Walking Dead. I even saw Dawn of the Dead (remake) when it came out in theatres. I had never realized just how much fun the living dead could be. Now I love zombies and I have ideas for zombie stories that I plan on writing and illustrating.

"...so get your gun and meet me by the door!"

What's a story without a fistful of gunfights? Don't worry, the black and white one will be colored.


A character for another story I'm working on. This drawing is a couple of years old and at the time I wanted to practice tone. It's actually a redesign of the character that I created in my teen years but barely ever drew. Nowadays I can't seem to stop drawing her. She's just so much fun to draw.

Giants in the Clouds

Exactly what the title says.

I <3 Zombies

I learned a lot from these two drawings. It's been about a year since they were illustrated and because of these images I learned a few what to do's and not to do's. It was all mainly about the amount of detail an object should have depending on how close it is to the foreground, anatomy of the figures (even if there are missing limbs), as well as foreshortening.
I also came up with a story that suits the zombie girl quite well. It's not as gruesome as most zombie stories, but it has its moments.


I painted this with oil. I wanted to keep a cartoonish look so I chose bright colors and thinned them to point where they almost looked like watercolors. I'm going to finish it digitally so it can have a cleaner look.

zombie luv

I did the black and white drawing as gifts for Valentine's Day. I decided to color it the other day. I was changing the color of the blood to red but it wasn't looking right. So I left it black.

Friday, May 15, 2009

the kickstarter

I guess since this blog is still in it's early stages, my first image should be too. Gonna have a lot more fun with this one.